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Our website is easy to use. You simply select which tour you want to view from the navigation menu on the right-hand side. This will show you the route mapped out on a Google map of Belfast with the points of interest numbered along the way. There is an introduction to each route which can be accessed by clicking the i symbol. Clicking any of the numbers will reveal the specific attraction. You can then preview the video clip of that attraction and, if desired, download it. This way you can create your own personalised tour.

You can also download the entire tour packages to your computer, MP4 player, or mobile device. By downloading the full tour you get all the points of interest on the tour, directional video clips containing extra information along your route and a PDF version of the route map - all contained in a single ZIP file. It really is as simple as that.

ZIP files

The full guided tours are supplied as ZIP files. This file format compresses the data in the file to make downloading faster, but it will need to be unzipped or de-compressed prior to use. If your operating system does not support this feature you can get software utilities that will do this like winzip or stuffit.

MP4 files

All the video content is supplied as MP4 files using the H264 codec at PAL resolution. If this format is not supported by your digital media player, please refer to the manufacturers recommendations for conversion of video to a format that is supported by your device.

PDF Files

If you have downloaded a complete tour you will find a PDF map in the ZIP file. To view or print this you will need Adobe Reader PDF viewing software.

Transfer to Device

Not all digital media players copy files to and from your PC through the operating system. You may have to use software supplied or recommended for use with your player. Please refer to the manufacturers instructions for guidance.


Northern Ireland has the second lowest crime rate in Europe. Even during the years of civil unrest tourists were rarely directly affected. As with all travel, here are some general safety tips:
Leave money and valuables in a safe place, keep valuables such as mobile phones and cameras out of sight, be cautious - particularly at night when going into unfamiliar areas. While you are following the tour on your device – be aware of traffic, street crossings and follow normal procedures – cross at traffic lights or zebra crossings, when crossing roads remember to look right first for oncoming traffic, watch where you are going, stay on the right side of the road and look out for kerbs and any uneven paths, poor surfaces etc.

In general - take all the normal precautions you would take in any unfamiliar city.

Welcome to Belfast iTours

Belfast Itours is an exciting way to experience the history, culture, and hustle and bustle of our changing city. Simply browse, download to your mobile device, or when you’re here, hire an MP4 or buy a preloaded micro SD card from the Belfast Welcome Centre (or one of our local pick up points) and get touring. It’s as easy as that. These tours will help you explore both the key attractions and the lesser-spotted Belfast, taking you off the beaten track, accompanying you to the hidden jewels in Belfast’s crown.

Belfast iTours will take you on a journey through the pulsating, buzzing city of today and into our community areas, many of which are now re-emerging as thriving communities. You will get a feel for the city, its communities and their history and stories. For this project Belfast Visitor and Convention Bureau have worked in partnership with the Belfast Area Partnerships, for North, South, East, Greater Shankill and with Failte Feirste Thiar in West Belfast, each of whom have selected the attractions, the sites and how they want to present their areas. There are 9 tours to choose from and each tour has an introduction by Patrick Kielty. These introductions are also available in French, Spanish, German and Italian.

How to access Belfast tours

You can download the MP4 files from the website and simply copy them to your MP4 player, or mobile device. The files are also available on the Apple iTunes Store. Alternatively you can call into the Belfast Welcome Centre or any of our pick-up points (listed below) to hire a MP4 player with your choice of tour downloaded. Daily hire is £9.00 and includes a set of earphones. To hire one of our MP4 players you will need photo ID and a £25 deposit or a £30 credit card preauthorisation. We can also sell you a micro SD card of all the tours for £10.00. The terms of hire are 24 hours with the device being dropped back at the pick-up point from which the device was hired (or at the Belfast Welcome Centre by arrangement).

Pick-up Points

Belfast Welcome Centre
47 Donegall Place
Tel: 028 9024 6609

Park Avenue Hotel
158 Holywood Road
Tel: 028 9065 6520

Cultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich

216 Falls Road
Tel: 028 9096 4180

Spectrum Centre

331 Shankill Road
Tel: 028 9050 4555

Crescent Arts Centre

2-4 University Road
Tel: 028 9024 2338

Queen’s Welcome Centre

(Micro SD Cards on sale only)
University Road
Tel: 028 9097 5252


This project has been a partnership approach - between several agencies, Belfast Visitor and Convention Bureau and the four Belfast Area Partnerships; South Belfast, North Belfast, Greater Shankill, East Belfast and with Fáilte Feirste Thiar for West Belfast.


The Project has been part funded by the International Fund for Ireland through financial assistance administered by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board through its Tourism Development Scheme. Financial assistance has also been provided by each of the Belfast Area Partnerships, Fáilte Feirste Thiar and Belfast Visitor and Convention Bureau.


This project has been developed in association with the communities in Belfast and the Belfast Area Partnerships and Fáilte Feirste Thiar. The content does not necessarily represent the views, political or otherwise, of any of the funding partners and BVCB. BVCB cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information in Belfast iTours and supporting material and accept no responsibility for any error or misrepresentation. All liability, disappointment, negligence or other damage caused by the reliance on this guide.

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